International Recruitment

Ingeniør Compagniet delivers three different services with regard to international recruitment:

Direct recruitment
Adecco is the world leader in Human Resources solutions, and by being part of this Ingeniør Compagniet has a large, worldwide network. This network and each account manager's network are being used to make sure that the right international candidate can be presented to our clients in Norway.

Strategic recruitment
In collaboration with some of our clients we have started a strategic recruitment programme in select countries. Through our contacts in Adecco Engineering and Technology we perform the first part of the recruitment, including collecting information and possibly testing and first time interview. Then our clients participate in the final interview and the final selection of one or more candidates. This solution enables our clients to focus on their projects and the daily operations of the company.

Local recruitment
Is your company expanding? Perhaps even open branches in new parts of the world? Ingeniør Compagniet can assist you in this process by offering solutions for temporary and/or permanent technical staffing in all areas of the world. Through our international network we help you get started