HSE and QA


HSE and Quality assurance and management are central in our operations. It is our policy that none of our consultants should have injuries causing absence or be involved in incidents which can harm the personnel, material or reputation of our clients. Work performed by our consultants shall also aim at conserving the environment in accordance with the norms existing in other Norwegian companies. Ingeniør Compagniet is therefore certified according to the following quality standards:

  • Quality NS-ISO 9001: 2008
  • Quality NS-ISO 14001: 2004

We are also qualified as a supplier in accordance with Achilles.

As part of Adecco, all employees of Ingeniør Compagniet are trained in accordance with Adecco Norway's Compliance Programme. This ensures that all legal aspects of assignments through us are treated in accordance with Norwegian law, are in accordance with our high ethical standard and are performed in such a way that both the client and the employee are satisfied.

All consultants supplied through Ingeniør Compagniet must also complete a web based HSE course. You will find the course on these pages.