Career Counselling


Have you thought of your options as an engineer in Norway? Whether you want a permanent position or you want to work as a consultant for a few years, Norway is one of the most interesting countries for engineers. The main credit for this must of course be given to the petroleum adventure which started back in the 60's and 70's.

Ingeniør Compagniet has a long experience as a supplier of technical consultancy services to several of the largest companies in Norway. We therefore know what the customers need and would like to help you towards the career you have always wanted. Through our agreements and contacts in the industry we can build your career from scratch or help you on if you are looking for new challenges.

Some of the things we can help you with, are:

  • Producing a resume adapted to the market in which you want to work.  We have therefore designed a resume template which can be a good start. Fill it in and send it to

From there we will help you on, for example with:

  • matching you to the customers who are looking for your exact competence
  • interview training
  • courses and training to fill holes in your experience, if any
Inegniørcompagniets Resume Templates
CV mal.pdf